Christmas Shopping Tips

Cmas TipsIt’s that time of year for some advice to avoid back pain during the festive season.  Follow the tips below for the next few weeks so you get to Christmas day painfree!

  • When out shopping wear comfortable shoes, with a low heel and that are closed in at the front for the most support for your feet.
  • Take regular breaks and sit for a coffee break when out for the day Christmas shopping.
  • Put things at the front of the boot of the car so they are easier to lift out.
  • To avoid neck and shoulder pain – avoid carrying very heavy bags, put small amounts in two bags and carry on both shoulders or in both hands.
  • Plan your shopping trip and your car parking to save on walking and carrying bags.
  • Bring a wheelie case along to carry all your shopping on the day.
  • When lifting, bend your knees not your back to avoid back pain.
  • Carry heavy shopping bags close to your body to avoid injuries.
  • Don’t overstretch when reaching for something – ask someone for help.
  • When standing in long queues, shift your weight from foot to foot.
  • Walk with your stomach in and hips tucked slightly under, roll your feet from heel to toe for a natural stride.
  • Do several small trips rather than one long shopping day.
  • Do your present wrapping sitting at a table rather than standing and bending over it or kneeling on the floor.
  • While putting your Christmas decorations up, use a steady stool or ladder to reach those higher places.

If you do develop back pain, use a heat pack on the lower spine to ease the pain.  Sit in supportive chairs and get up regularly to move around.  Try and stay active over the Christmas break, a walk daily will ease any aching joints or back pain.

If you are suffering pain, call us today for an appointment at Motion Physio Clinic.  I will be working in the clinic until lunchtime on Christmas Eve and I will be back in the clinic again on Tuesday 29th morning if you need an appointment over the Christmas period.  Happy Christmas to all!

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