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Whiplash is quite a commonly seen injury at Motion Physio Clinic, Prosperous.  It occurs due to a sudden acceleration and deceleration of the neck causing rapid movement of the body.  It is usually due to a motor vehicle accident, but can be seen after a fall or after a sporting incident.  Whiplash can affect the joints, muscles, ligaments and nerves.  Due to the complexity of the injury it can prove difficult to resolve pain and restore function quickly. Continue reading

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What is Chartered Physiotherapy?


A Chartered Physiotherapist is a university graduate with hospital-based training who has comprehensive knowledge of how the body works, along with specialist training in the diagnosis and treatment of muscle and joint pain. When you choose a physiotherapist who is a member of the Irish Society of Chartered physiotherapists (ISCP), you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that they are a part of Ireland’s only professional body within its field.

It is your guarantee that they have been trained to the highest academic and professional standards – and also that they continue to keep abreast of emerging trends and developments through a programme of Continuous Professional Development.

The Society is the only association in Ireland recognised by the World Confederation of Physical Therapy.  It provides a strong, unified voice for the professions, and regularly speaks out on issues involving the role and responsibilities of physiotherapists – either within private practice or as part of the national health system.

Choosing a Chartered Physiotherapist assures you that your chosen practitioner is fully committed to upholding the highest standards of medical and ethical standards.

Taken from the website www.iscp.ie

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Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendon

The achilles tendon is located at the back of the ankle joint.  This tendon is a fibrous band that is at the end of each of our muscles to attach them to a bone.  In the case of the achilles tendon it is at the bottom of the calf muscle (gastrocnemius and soleus muscles) and attaches into our heel bone (calcaneus).  The role of the achilles tendon is to aid walking by lifting the heel off the ground.  Achilles Tendonitis is referring to pain in this tendon.  The correct term is now considered Achilles Tendinopathy, as there is increasing evidence that the achilles tendon pain is due to degenerative changes of the tendon. Continue reading

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Walking for Health


There are now health recommendations that being active for 30mins 5 days a week has health benefits.  If you are already active and attend activities during the week, try to walk on the other days.  If you suffer from health problems, speak to your GP to check what you should do to manage your condition while getting more active. Continue reading

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Summer Footwear – will it cause you pain?


sandalsGreat to have a sunny spell at last.  With this lovely sunshine comes flip flops and sandals and so can follow foot pain! It is great to feel the breeze on your toes, but if worn too often, it can lead to severe foot pain. Continue reading

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Neck Headaches

HeadacheNeck Headaches or Cervicogenic Headache, is when your headache is caused by a neck joint problem.  Your neck headache can come from different areas in the neck, including the upper neck joints, upper neck discs and neck muscles.  Your neck and shoulder blade muscles that originate from your neck will cause pain if they are overworking, tight or in spasm. Your neck muscles work correctly when they have normal length, strength, power and endurance.  Neck headache sufferers may experience tenderness at the top of their neck and base of the skull.   They may also suffer from neck stiffness or a mild loss of movement. Continue reading

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Stay painfree in the Garden

gardeningGardening although not considered a sport, is a physical activity.  As such it can give rise to pain if not performed correctly.  At the Motion Physio Clinic we commonly see people with back, neck or knee pain after overenthusiastically tackling the garden.  Firstly, try and do ‘little and often’ in the gardening. Spending hours on end weeding, when your body doesn’t regularly do this activity will lead to aches and pains. Continue reading

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Physiotherapy & care of your neck

Neck pain


Most people can expect to experience some neck pain in their lifetime.  It is not always possible to identify the exact cause of neck pain but 99% of the time it is not serious and for the majority of people it should not interfere with normal activities.  However, if you have suffered serious injury, or the pain is very severe or going down the arm you should seek advice from a health professional. Continue reading

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The Benefits of swimming

1996 Atlanta Paralympic GamesSwimming is an exercise that I recommend time and time again at the clinic.  Due to the low impact nature of swimming and that you will be in a heated pool, it is great for all my patients with pain, stiffness and injuries.  It is often the first exercise that patients can return to when recovering from an injury. Continue reading

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The Pilates technique was originally created by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900’s, and it remains one of the most popular movement techniques in the world today.  The principals of Pilates are breath, centering, control, precision and routine, they make it one of the best exercise methods.  This technique provides a balanced environment for your body to successfully function in this stressful, busy world. Continue reading

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