Manipulations and Mobilisations

x-DSC_0418Manipulation and Mobilisations are particular hands on techniques used by Chartered Physiotherapists to improve the motion and function of the joints and soft tissues of the body.  Manipulations are fast movements of joints or spinal segments to ease pain and improve movement of the region.  Mobilisations are slower techniques that are used on joints, muscles, spinal segments and ligaments to improve flexibility, ease pain, and improve blood flow to the area.  Mobilisations can be a deep treatment depending on your symptoms.  Chartered Physiotherapists are experts in musculoskeletal conditions and they will use both techniques in your treatment sessions.

If you are in pain, pop into us at Motion Physio Clinic, Prosperous, Tel: 045 841010.  I can perform an assessment, give you a diagnosis and treat you as required.

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