The Benefits of swimming


Swimming is an exercise that I recommend time and time again at the clinic.  Due to the low impact nature of swimming and that you will be in a heated pool, it is great for all my patients with pain, stiffness and injuries.  It is often the first exercise that patients can return to when recovering from an injury.

The buoyancy of the water is the greatest attribute of swimming.  This buoyancy can be used as an aid for someone who needs support or assistance to move, but it can also be used as resistance for those who are striving to gain movement and strength.  Swimming is a great low impact way to build muscle and tone up.

Swimming is also an exercise for all ages and fitness levels, and swimming can be continued throughout all life stages.  Often walking up and down the pool can be a great start on road to recovery from pain and injury.

It is also essential for patients who present to me with arthritis in their joints.  The heat of the water eases joint pain and any associated muscle spasm.  The movements you can achieve in the water often ease joint pain.

I often recommend athletes to use the pool for cardiovascular fitness while using the low impact of swimming as cross training for their chosen activity, be it running or cycling.  In this way they can avoid overtraining and overloading their body in the build up to an event, like the marathon.

Water aerobics can be a great way to exercise in the pool and increase your cardiovascular fitness.  You can use floats and weights in the pool to increase the benefits, strengthening and toning the muscles in this way.

Due to the broad range of movements of swimming, it is great for loosening out joints and stretching muscles that can be tight and tired from day to day activities.

So if you are struggling with a niggle that is holding you back, call the clinic for an appointment to get you into the swimming pool for 2016.  The clinic is open Monday to Friday.  Evening appointments are available Mon to Thursday till 9pm.

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