Tech Neck

17bp73There has been a recent increase in presentation of neck and back pain due to overuse of mobile devices.  I first encountered this type of pain a few years ago when a gentleman came into the clinic in January with neck pain after spending the entire Christmas break poured over his new ipad!.  The biomechanical issues involved is that the head weighs up to 9/10lbs and when you lean it forward and especially down it causes huge pressure on the muscles and discs in the spine, thus causing  you pain.

A major element is the posture involved with mobile devices, so limiting your time on them is useful to avoid pain.  Using ipad holders that will prop your device up on the surface in front of you is also helpful to change the posture of your neck and spine while using the device, especially if you are watching a movie or video that is over a long period of time.

Headaches can also arise from neck pain/strain from overuse of mobile devices.  These muscular forms of headaches have been found to respond very well to physiotherapy, involving manual therapy and exercise.

Another good idea is to stretch and move your neck to counteract the stiffness and pain that can occur due to sustained postures using your mobile device.  Looking over your shoulders, up to the ceiling and stretching your ear to your shoulder are good movements to stretch your neck muscles and the spine itself.

If you need to spending a lot of time on your mobile phone, use a headset/headphones, this will alleviate the postural aspect of the activity and reduce pain.  Always avoid cupping the phone between your ear and shoulders.

If you do suffer with neck or back pain, analyse the amount of time you spend on mobile devices and see if you can find a pattern related to your pain.  Stretches as outlined above will be helpful to alleviate pain, also will heat on the area to relax and ease the muscle pain involved.

If you have neck pain, pop into us at Motion Physio Clinic, Prosperous.  I can perform an assessment, give you a diagnosis and treat you as required

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