Sciatica is a commonly treated condition at the physio clinic.  It is pain of the nerve (sciatic nerve) that runs from the lower spine (lumbar spine) down to the foot.  It can present as pain anywhere along the route of the nerve, so it can be buttock pain or foot pain or a combination of both.  The pain can be aching, sharp or tingling and you can also have pins & needles and numbness along the root of the nerve.  The sciatic nerve runs out of the lower spine, down through the buttock, down the back of the thigh and then down into the lower leg and into the foot.

Onset of sciatica can be for different reasons, from an injury or pull to the lower back or something insideous, like sitting incorrectly for a period of time.  When the sciatic nerve is irritated or compressed, this gives rise to pain.  Common causes of sciatica are lumbar herniated disc (‘slipped disc’), muscle strain, spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal),  and sacroiliac joint dysfunction.

Chartered Physiotherapists treat and ease the symptoms of sciatica.  Treatment consists of manual techniques such as spinal manipulations, muscular release work and dry needling to alleviate symptoms.  Your Chartered Physiotherapist will also prescribe you a programme of stretches and strengthening exercises to speed up recovery. Back Care advice will also help to address the issues with your movement or posture that caused the onset of the sciatica.

Try these stretches to help your sciatic pain

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If you are suffering from sciatica, call us today for an appointment at Motion Physio Clinic, Prosperous,  Tel: 045 841010.  I can perform an assessment, give you a diagnosis and treat you as required.

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