Post Marathon Recovery Strategies

Congratulations to all marathon runners, it is a brilliant achievement.



Unfortunately today you might be feeling the effects of all that effort, so I have put together a few tips for the days ahead.

There’s no way to exactly know how long your body will take to recover, this is variable from runner to runner.

Delayed onset of muscle soreness (DOMS) could have begun last night and this may linger for the next few days.  If you feel any sore spots today, use some ice (wrapped in a cloth) for 10 minutes on the area, this will be especially helpful on sore joints, like your knees and ankles.

Activity is the key to ease out your DOMS this week.  This will deliver fresh oxygen and nutrients to muscles and carry away metabolic waste and therefore, aids healing and recovery.  Cross training can be useful this week to take pressure off sore joints, so jump on your bike or pop into the pool to ease out all those sore muscles and joints post marathon.

Light massage will help ease muscle soreness this week, along with foam rolling (below) and stretches


Aim to elevate your feet and legs for 30 minutes a day for the following week.

In the days following the race hydration is important.  Try to drink little and often.  This will help flush out lactid acid, helping to reduce muscle stiffness.


If you have any aches, pain or niggles that do not settle within a few days post race, pop into us at Motion Physio Clinic, Prosperous, Tel: 045 841010.  I can perform an assessment, give you a diagnosis and treat you as required.

Well done!


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