The Benefits of swimming


Swimming is an exercise that I recommend time and time again at the clinic.  Due to the low impact nature of swimming and that you will be in a heated pool, it is great for all my patients with pain, stiffness and injuries.  It is often the first exercise that patients can return to when recovering from an injury. Continue reading

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Sciatica is a commonly treated condition at the physio clinic.  It is pain of the nerve (sciatic nerve) that runs from the lower spine (lumbar spine) down to the foot.  It can present as pain anywhere along the route of the nerve, so it can be buttock pain or foot pain or a combination of both.  The pain can be aching, sharp or tingling and you can also have pins & needles and numbness along the root of the nerve.  The sciatic nerve runs out of the lower spine, down through the buttock, down the back of the thigh and then down into the lower leg and into the foot.

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Orthotics are individually prescribed insoles for your shoes that will help support your foot and leg. They can be orthotics that are prefabricated and off the shelf  or they can be a customised device made from a cast of your foot.  The aim of orthotics is to help your foot into the best position and to help control movement in the foot.  This support will help with pain in the foot or further up the legs or even back and shoulder pain.  If we support the body into the best position, it will help movements to be painfree. Continue reading

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Meet The Team – Avril


AVRIL BARRETT MSc, BSc Physio, MISCP.                                                               Avril graduated from UCD with an Honours Degree in Physiotherapy in 2002.  She went on to work in hospitals and clinics in Ireland, the UK and Australia, increasing her clinical experience.

In 2005 she moved to London to work in the outpatients clinic at the Hammersmith NHS hospital.  During Avril’s time in London she completed a Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in University College London, being awarded the highest clinical results in her year.  She also worked in private clinics in Clapham, Kensington and Twickenham.  Avril worked with the Fulham Irish GAA football team, who compete in the County London League, during her time in London. 

Avril returned to Ireland in 2008 and took up a position managing Physio Dynamics clinic in Dundrum, Dublin.  During this time she worked with the Lansdowne Rugby club, being part of the backroom team that brought the club back up to Level 1 division rugby.  Lansdowne RFC went on to win the Division 1A league in 2013.

In 2010 Avril established East Coast Physio Clinic in Ashford, Wicklow with a colleague.  During her time at East Coast Physio, the clinic expanded to employ staff members and became part of the local community.  She had a regular slot on the East Coast FM morning radio show with Declan Meehan, giving advice to the public over the airwaves.

Avril also worked with the Irish Ladies Hockey team, (2011 – 2012), supporting them in their campaign towards the London 2012 Olympics.

Avril was awarded her ISCP accredited Level 3 (highest level) sports physiotherapist in recognition of her high level of postgraduate education and sports physiotherapy experience.

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Tech Neck

17bp73There has been a recent increase in presentation of neck and back pain due to overuse of mobile devices.  I first encountered this type of pain a few years ago when a gentleman came into the clinic in January with neck pain after spending the entire Christmas break poured over his new ipad!.  The biomechanical issues involved is that the head weighs up to 9/10lbs and when you lean it forward and especially down it causes huge pressure on the muscles and discs in the spine, thus causing  you pain. Continue reading

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Rotator Cuff Injuries


The rotator cuff is a term for a collection of small muscles located around your shoulder blade which insert onto the top of the arm.  They help move and stabilise your shoulder joint.  These muscles come together to form a strong tendon that attaches onto the upper arm.  Due to the multi directional function of the shoulder joint, these muscles have a very tough job and are very commonly injured or cause pain.  The majority of shoulder pain seen at Motion Physio Clinic is due to rotator cuff pain or involvement.  Rotator cuff injuries or pain is extremely common and can happen to anyone. Continue reading

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What is a muscle tear, strain or pull?


At Motion Physio Clinic we treat many soft tissue injuries.  These refer to injuries of the muscles, tendons (which attach muscle to bone), ligaments (which attach bone to bone) and nerves. A muscle tear, strain or pull refers to damage to a muscle.  It can be caused by a sudden pull or overstrain to the area, that causes it to be damaged. Continue reading

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The Pilates technique was originally created by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900’s, and it remains one of the most popular movement techniques in the world today.  The principals of Pilates are breath, centering, control, precision and routine, they make it one of the best exercise methods.  This technique provides a balanced environment for your body to successfully function in this stressful, busy world. Continue reading

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Physiotherapy & care of your neck

Neck pain


Most people can expect to experience some neck pain in their lifetime.  It is not always possible to identify the exact cause of neck pain but 99% of the time it is not serious and for the majority of people it should not interfere with normal activities.  However, if you have suffered serious injury, or the pain is very severe or going down the arm you should seek advice from a health professional. Continue reading

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Neck Headaches

HeadacheNeck Headaches or Cervicogenic Headache, is when your headache is caused by a neck joint problem.  Your neck headache can come from different areas in the neck, including the upper neck joints, upper neck discs and neck muscles.  Your neck and shoulder blade muscles that originate from your neck will cause pain if they are overworking, tight or in spasm. Your neck muscles work correctly when they have normal length, strength, power and endurance.  Neck headache sufferers may experience tenderness at the top of their neck and base of the skull.   They may also suffer from neck stiffness or a mild loss of movement. Continue reading

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