Maintaining a good posture is vital to keeping you injury and pain free.  In the clinic I instruct people on good posture and give them exercises to maintain that posture, on a daily basis.  Posture is the position we hold our bodies in during the day, whether we are standing, sitting or lying down.  A good posture ensures that the load through our joints and ligaments are at the optimal level and minimal stress.  How we maintain those good postures throughout the day and in different positions is the work of the muscles.

What is good posture?

Sitting Properly:  Keep both feet on the ground or on a foot rest so your feet are not hanging down.  Your knees should be at hip level or below.  Try and keep your shoulders level with your ears and your arms relaxed with elbows at a 90 degree angle.  Your head should not sit forward.  Sit into the chair for back support and try have good lower spine (lumbar) support in the chair.

Standing Properly:  Keep your weight over the soles of your feet, pull your stomach in and stay tall and upright.  When walking swing your arms from the shoulders in a relaxed manor.

Lying Positions:  Make sure your mattress is neither too soft nor too hard.  Use pillows that support your head to a straight neck position, this is usually the distance between your neck and shoulder.  Avoid lying on your stomach.

Computer Work Positions:  When using a laptop for a period of time use a laptop stand, an external keyboard and mouse.  Hold arms close to the body when using the keyboard or mouse.  Make sure your wrists are straight.  When using the mouse make sure to let your mouse finger rest on the mouse.  Position all the frequently used items on your work space within your easily reached sector of the desk.

Why maintaining a good posture is helpful?

  • Good posture holds the spinal joints in the optimum position, thus reducing any stress on the ligaments and joints which greatly reduces the risk of injury.
  • It helps to avoid muscular aches and pains from your daily postures and activities.
  • Correct posture ensures that you are using your joints in the best positions, thus reducing abnormal wear on the joints. This will help to prevent arthritic changes due to repetitive strain to the joints over time.

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