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Orthotics or Shoe Insoles are specially prescribed insoles to suit your foot type.  They can be simple additions to the insoles in your shoes or they can be a customised device made from a cast of your foot.  The aim of orthotics is to support the foot into a good position and to help control motion in the foot.  This support will help with pain in the foot or further up the legs and also helps with back and shoulder pain.  If we support the body into the best position, it will help movements to be painfree.

The most common biomechanical issue we see at the foot is overpronation, where the arch of the foot rolls inwards and flattens over a period of time, or due to a particular injury.  This biomechanical fault causes increased pressure on the inside of the foot, thus rolling the leg inwards, causing increased load through the knee and hip joint.  This can present as plantarfasciitis, or heel pain.  The knee and hip joint can also become painful due to this biomechanical issue.  Orthotics are introduced to the foot to correct and lift the foot back into the normal posture.

Another foot type that is less common, is a supinated foot.  This foot type has a high arch and rolls to the outside of the foot.  This can also give rise to pain in the foot, knee or hip joint.  An orthotic with a high arch is prescribed to support the naturally high arch profile into its normal posture.  This will give support to the anatomical structures that are under strain and causing pain.

Your Chartered Physiotherapist will assess your foot and look at your posture as a whole, to prescribe the best orthotics for your condition and foot type.  Everyone will have different requirements, so we can tailor the prescription to what will work best for your needs.  Your Chartered Physiotherapist may also compliment the orthotics with a tailor made exercise programme to stretch and strengthen areas that will improve your alignment that is contributing to pain.

Orthotics are useful for all ages, the young foot will need a fully supportive orthotic for a flexible foot and an older foot may need more cushioning to ease any foot joint pains.  The orthotics are tailor made to the requirements of the individual, which helps with a successful outcome.

If you would like an orthotic assessment call the clinic on 045 841010 to book an appointment.

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